Instructions for iron-ons

If neccesary remove extra foil.

Select the desired iron-on design. If you are going to use transfer foil, it is recommended that you cut out the design out of whole sheet first. Also cut off the transfer foil, remove the shield at the bottom and stick it over the iron-on. Do not stick the transfer foil on the iron-ons if you do not tend to use it immediately! The transfer foil can be used several times as long as it is still sticky.
Peel iron-on off from the base and place it in the desired place with help of transfer foil.

If you do not have transfer foil, simply peel the iron-on from the base and place it in the desired place. I recommend using teflon sheet or baking paper.
Heat the iron for cotton and press it firmly against the base (I use my own weight). Hold in place for about 12-15 seconds.
The press is heated to 180 degrees Celsius and pressed for 8 seconds.
The application paper has a cold peel, so it is necessary to wait for everything to cool down before removing the transfer foil. Baking paper or teflon can be removed immediately. The transfer is well attached when the structure of the fabric is visible on iron-on.