Transparent elastic
5 meters long
6 mm wide


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Transparent elastic
5 meters long
6 mm wide

Advantages of the product:

  • has a high tear resistance
  • is resistant to chlorine
  • skin-friendly

Application description:

  1. Cut Framilastic shorter than the length to be sewn – depending on how much gathering is to be incorporated.
  2. At the beginning of your gathering, sew the ribbon about 1 cm smooth (with a zigzag stitch, and please don’t forget to bartack) so that it has hold. Then stretch your ribbon to the desired length and sew it under tension. When you arrive at the end you have to lock it again.
  3. When processing Framilastic, the transparent tape should always be pierced in the middle. So it lies evenly and has an equally even hold.

Important: Do not use fabric softener when washing.

Important note on usage

Please carry out application tests before processing the products.

Additional information

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