Vlieseline Seam Tape white T30

Seam Tape
5 meters long
3 cm wide


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Seam Tape
5 meters long
3 cm wide

For hems that you no longer have to sew:
Hemfix is ​​an adhesive for fabrics that you can iron on. To put it simply, fabrics can be connected quickly and easily with Hemfix - permanently, without sewing them together.

Ideally suited:
For hems of all kinds, whether on trousers, skirts or shirts
For quick repairs of holes (see tip in the fabric guide nonwovens & Co.)
For (heat-resistant) materials that cannot be sewn because otherwise the needle holes would remain visible, such as oilcloth, SnapPap or imitation leather
For which fabrics is Saumfix suitable? Hemfix is ​​suitable for all fabrics – including stretch fabrics. But be careful: the finished hem is not stretchable. It is better to use Stretchfix for elastic hems. Also for materials that cannot be sewn.

Washable up to 60°C
Dry cleaning possible
How is hem fix processed?
Hem fix is ​​ironed on while damp – this is how it works:
First neaten the edge that you want to iron over so that it doesn't fray later.
Iron the hem as desired and then insert a strip of hem fix into the hem.
Cover the ironing surface with a damp cloth.
Iron the hem in stages (don't push the iron!) over moderate heat (two to three points), about 10 seconds per point.
Allow the part to cool flat for at least 20 minutes to allow the adhesive to fully develop.

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