Wonder dots

The Wonderdots are available in 2 different sizes
Diameter: 20mm Contents: 100 pieces
Diameter: 30mm Contents: 55 pieces

Quick start Guide:
Iron the fabrics with steam to avoid running in later. Let the fabrics dry well again. Then place the insert with the coated side on the left side of the outer fabric. Cover with a damp ironing cloth and press on the iron well for about 6 seconds. Iron setting: wool


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Torn out snap fasteners or eyelets? With the Snaply Wonder Dots you prevent this in the future.

Simply iron on for 6 seconds and then attach the push button or eyelet.

The Snaply Wonder Dot is firmly connected to the fabric by ironing and gives the necessary support. Eyelets, kam snaps and jersey snap fasteners can also be attached in single-layer cotton or jersey fabrics.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg

20 mm 100 pieces, 30 mm 55 pieces