Terms of business

General terms and conditions of the online store: https://ispa-fabrics.si/  are compiled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the Consumer Protection against Unfair Commercial Practices Act (ZVPNPP) and the Electronic Commerce on the Market Act (ZEPT) and international e-commerce codes. Online store:  https://ispa-fabrics.si/  is an information system intended for the presentation and sale of products to the user. It is managed by the company: Ispa, Maruska Leskovec s.p., Moste 27b, 4274 Zirovnica, registration number: 8500487000, tax number: 56099380, hereinafter the provider. The user is the person who uses the system, ie the customer in the online store. The General Terms and Conditions deal with the operation of the online store: https://ispa-fabrics.si/ , user rights and the business relationship between the provider and the user / customer.

The content available to users of this website are creations protected as copyrighted works in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright and Related Rights Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, 21/1995 et seq.) And other applicable regulations. The owner of copyright and any other rights to the said copyrighted works is the company Ispa, Maruska Leskovec s.p. Without the written permission of the company Ispa, Maruska Leskovec s.p., users of the website https://ispa-fabrics.si/ are not allowed any reproduction, distribution, transmission, playback , display or other public communication of the copyrighted works contained on this website.


We are committed to the permanent protection of all personal data of the customers (users) and keep documentation on communication with them. We will use personal data about the customer exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling the order (sending e-news, offers, invoices) and other necessary communication. Under no circumstances will we hand over customer data to unauthorized persons.


Ordering takes place via the internet 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Buyer selects and orders the products available to them in the online store, classified into categories. After placing the order, the buyer receives an e-mail notification that the order has been accepted. It lists the products and quantities selected by the customer. In case of changes of the order or cancellation, the buyer must notify the provider via the e-mail address info@ispa-fabrics.si , where they must also indicate the purchase number, which is mentioned in the electronic confirmation message of purchase. The sales contract (ie the first electronic message about the status of the order) is stored in electronic form on the server ispa-fabrics.si.

Product photos are symbolic and do not guarantee the properties of the products (especially in terms of color deviation). The provider does not undertake the correctness and completeness of the data on the pages of the online store (text or image material).

All prices on the website are in euros, final and exclude VAT since non-taxable person. A reduced price is a reduced regular price at which a presented product is sold for a definite or indefinite period of time. All prices in the online store are product prices and do not include shipping costs. The purchase contract between the bidder and the buyer is concluded at the moment when the bidder confirms the order. From this moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to both the provider and the buyer. Prices are valid until changed and the provider can change them without prior notice. In the event that the price of the item changes during the processing of the order, the provider will notify the buyer. The bidder will do its best in any case to provide the buyer with a lower price or. offer an appropriate solution that will go to mutual satisfaction.

Ispa-fabrics.si enables the following methods of payment:
– prepayment to the bank account of ispa-fabrics.si according to the offer / proforma invoice (deadline for payment of the proforma invoice is 3 working days). ** ** After receiving payment according to the offer / proforma invoice, the order continues into the processing.
– payment via Paypal


Ispa-fabrics.si sends an invoice to the customer by post with the ordered item upon delivery of the ordered items and via email. In the case of personal collection at the collection point, the buyer receives a printed invoice for the purchased items upon receipt. The invoice includes a breakdown of the price and all costs related to the purchase, as well as a notice of the right to withdraw from the contract. The buyer is obliged to check the correctness of the data before placing the order. Subsequent objections regarding the correctness of the issued invoices are not taken into account.

1. The discount code brings various benefits when buying through the ispa-fabrics.si online store and is limited in time. You can find active discount code if available on the title page of the advertising message, on the page of each department, in our e-newsletter or other media. In the event that the customer uses the discount code, but later cancels the order with the used code, he is no longer entitled to a new benefit from this code.

Select the items you want to buy and put them in the cart. The value of your order must be at least € 1 higher than the value of the discount code. When you have finished adding items to the cart in the same step (in the cart) in the field “Use coupon code, Gift certificate” enter the discount code and confirm the entry by clicking on the button Use coupon. Continue by clicking on the Checkout button. Select a delivery method, specify a delivery address, and select a payment method.
When you enter the discount code, the value of the discount code is automatically deducted from the price of your order in the last step – Order Summary / Total. The amount that still needs to be settled remains.
The discount code is a one-time code, which means you can only use it once.
It is not possible to combine different forms of benefits (discount code, gift certificate) within the same order.

After placing the order, the buyer receives a notification by e-mail that the order has been accepted. Comprehensive information on the status and content of the order is always available to the registered user on the ispa-fabrics.si website. Ispa-fabrics.si reviews the order, checks the availability of the ordered items and confirms the order or rejects it with a reason. Ispa-fabrics.si may contact the customer on his contact email to verify the data or to ensure the accuracy of delivery. When delivering items that ispa-fabrics.si does not have in stock in its own warehouse, ispa-fabrics.si is exclusively tied to the delivery by its supplier and to the time in which this supplier can deliver the item to ispa-fabrics.si. Through e-mail, ispa-fabrics.si informs the customer about up-to-date information regarding the delivery of items. If the delivery time is very long and the buyer does not want to wait, the buyer can notify ispa-fabrics.si, which will remove the item from the order and return to the buyer any funds already paid, and other items from the order at the choice of the buyer or deliver or the entire order reversed. If the supplier ispa-fabrics.si does not confirm the availability of the ordered items no later than two weeks from the date of placing the order, ispa-fabrics.si may reject the customer’s order on the grounds that the item is not available. The customer’s order expires on the day of rejection. Ispa-fabrics.si does not take any responsibility for damage that would occur due to longer delivery times or due to non-delivery of items that ispa-fabrics.si does not have in stock in its own warehouse, unless the company ispa-fabrics.si or the person for whom the company is responsible, caused intentionally or through negligence.

  1. The order has been sent / The order is ready for collection
    Ispa-fabrics.si prepares, sends or prepares the article for personal collection within the agreed deadline and by e-mail. Ispa-fabrics.si in the e-mail also informs the buyer about the policy of withdrawal from the contract, where he can turn in case of delay in delivery and where he can turn in case of complaint. In the event that the buyer decides to cancel the order in time, he must immediately notify the seller by e-mail to info@ispa-fabrics.si. If it happens that the order has already been shipped, the buyer takes over the shipment and returns it at his own expense. In the case of personal collection (when the item is ready for collection), the buyer also notifies his wish to cancel the order by e-mail above.
  2. Delivery
    Our contractual partner for the delivery of shipments is Pošta Slovenije, but ispa-fabrics.si reserves the right to choose another delivery service if it will be able to fulfill the order more efficiently. If the goods are in stock, they will be shipped no later than three (3) working days from the date of receipt of the proforma invoice in the case of payment by proforma invoice or payment received via Paypal.  Shipping costs depend on order weight and have to be chosen when finishing order. Delivery time in Slovenia for items in stock is usually 1-3 working days after pickup. International delivery dates may vary from 5-20 working days after pickup. In case the product is not in stock, the delivery time is extended. Availability information is shown in the description of each item or we will inform you about it.

In case of advance payment subject to the tenderer from the time of posting, the products ordered, delivery service is not responsible for cases when it comes to physical damage, destruction or loss of the consignment, nor if there is missing content the consignment or if the consignment shows signs of opening (the packaging has visible damage). In all these cases, the user must initiate a complaint procedure with Pošta Slovenije or the delivery service, namely carry the shipment to the nearest post office in the same condition as it was received, without adding or removing anything, and fill in the complaint report. It also informs the provider on the contact email info@ispa-fabrics.si.


The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract or order within 15 days of receiving the goods to the provider at the e-mail address:  ispa.style@gmail.com , without having to state the reason for his decision.

If the buyer has already received the goods and withdraws from the contract, he must send the goods undamaged and in the same quantity to the bidder / company within 15 days after the notification to withdraw from the contract. The only cost borne by the buyer in connection with the withdrawal from the contract is the cost of returning the products.

The buyer must return the received goods undamaged and unchanged, unless the goods are damaged without the buyer’s fault.

We will return the payments made to the buyer as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after receiving the notice of withdrawal from the contract. Refunds are made to the customer’s bank account in writing or via Paypal.

Pursuant to paragraph 5 of Article 43.č of the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer has no right to withdraw from the contract (purchase) if the product is manufactured according to the exact instructions of the buyer, which has been adapted to his personal needs.

The consumer may exercise his rights arising from a material defect if he notifies the seller of the defect within two months of the day on which the defect was discovered. The consumer must describe the defect in detail in the defect notice and allow the seller to inspect the item. The consumer may notify the seller of the defect in person, of which the seller must issue a certificate, or send it to the store where the item was purchased, or to the seller’s representative with whom he has concluded a contract. The seller is not liable for material defects in the goods that appear after two years have elapsed since the thing was delivered. A defect in things shall be deemed to have already existed at the time of extradition if it occurs within six months of extradition. The consumer’s rights referred to in the first paragraph shall expire two years from the day on which he informed the seller of the material defect. Consumer,

  • rectify the defect in the goods or refund part of the amount paid in proportion to the defect or
  • the defective goods are replaced by a new faultless or
  • returns the amount paid.

When is the error real? 

  • the item does not have the properties necessary for its normal use or for marketing
  • the item does not have the properties necessary for the specific use for which the buyer is buying it, but which was known to the seller or should have been known to him
  • the item does not have properties and qualities that have been explicitly or tacitly agreed or prescribed
  • the seller has delivered an item that does not match the pattern or model, unless the pattern or model was shown for notification only.


How is the suitability of an item checked? It is checked with another, faultless item of the same type, as well as with the manufacturer’s statements or statements on the item itself. How does a real mistake materialize? The buyer must inform us of any material defect together with a detailed description of it within the legally prescribed period and at the same time allow us to inspect the item. You can find the form at https://ispa-fabrics.si/splosni-pogoji-poslovanja. The right to claim a material defect in an article is regulated in more detail by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

Ispa-fabrics.si respects the applicable consumer protection legislation. Ispa-fabrics.si makes every effort to fulfill its duty to ensure an effective complaint handling system. In case of problems, the customer can contact the provider Ispa-fabrics.si via the Facebook page www.facebook.com/ispa.fabrics or by e-mail at info@ispa-fabrics.si. The complaint is submitted via the e-mail address info@ispa-fabrics.si. The appeal procedure is confidential. Ispa-fabrics.si is aware that the essential feature of consumer disputes is the disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the time and costs incurred in resolving the dispute, which is also the main obstacle for the consumer not to initiate a dispute in court, so ispa-fabrics .si strives to the best of its ability to resolve any disputes amicably. Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes In accordance with Ispa’s legal norms, Maruska Leskovec s.p. does not recognize any provider of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent for resolving consumer disputes that a consumer could initiate in accordance with the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act. Ispa-fabrics.si, which, as a provider of goods and services, enables online trade in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, publishes on its website an electronic link to the platform for online resolution of consumer disputes (SRPS). The platform is available to consumers here. https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=EN This regulation derives from the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act, Regulation (EU) no. Regulation (EC) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the online settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC. lng = EN These arrangements derive from the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act, Regulation (EU) no. Regulation (EC) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the online settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC. lng = EN These arrangements derive from the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act, Regulation (EU) no. Regulation (EC) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the online settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC.

The organizer of the prize games is the company Ispa, Maruska Leskovec s.p., Moste 27b, 4274 Zirovnica. Participants in the prize games agree to the publication of their name and surname on the websites operated by the contractor, in the event that they receive a prize. The recipient of the award cannot be a legal entity. No cash payment of the prize is possible. None of the employees of the organizer or contractor and their relatives can participate in the prize games. The winner receives the prize by post, the postage is covered by the organizer of the prize game. In the event that the winner rejects the prize, the new winner will be drawn again.

We will be in contact with the customer / user via means of distance communication, unless the user explicitly declines.

By subscribing to the e-news, the applicant agrees that the personal data provided when subscribing to the e-news are used or. processed to forward messages related to the provider’s business (campaigns, news, advertising messages, news, etc.) to his e-mail address.

This consent may be revoked in writing by the subscriber to the e-news at any time. The cancellation can be made on the provider’s website within the e-newsletter subscription section, where he enters his name, surname and his e-mail address to which he receives the e-news, which he confirms by pressing the  “unsubscribe” button . The cancellation can also be sent to the headquarters of the Ispa provider, Maruska Leskovec s.p., to the e-mail address: info@ispa-fabrics.si